Category: Security

How WordPress sites get hacked

The most common way WordPress websites get hacked come from a plugin and theme having a vulnerability, and the website owner has not applied the plugin or theme update to resolve the vulnerability. This is why it’s very...

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WordPress: who installed a plugin

If you run a website with multiple admin users, you might find a plugin is installed and you don’t know who installed it. If you’d like to audit who installs plugins, and other types of admin actions there are...

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Can WordPress be private?

How to make your WordPress website private If you’d like to make your entire WordPress website private the quickest way is to use cPanel directory privacy. This method can be used if you’re hosting your own WordPress...

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How to Secure your WordPress website

Are WordPress sites secure? WordPress out of the box is reasonably secure, out of the box. However, if you install plugins or themes that aren’t maintained by their authors, you could be leaving your website vulnerable....

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