There are different reasons you may wish to hire WordPress web developers.

  1. WordPress theme development
  2. WordPress plugin development
  3. WordPress technical support
  4. WordPress site migration

For development of themes or plugins, you could search Google, and local development agencies will be returned in the search results.

You may wish to outsource your plugin and theme development to remote developers in India, Pakistan, Philippines etc. which will save you quite a bit of money.

For technical support & site migration, it’s probably wiser you hire someone local in case something goes wrong, so you can visit or call them if something goes wrong.

If you’re in Perth, Australia, and wish to hire a WordPress technician to troubleshoot your WordPress website, you could consider hiring Insight’s local WordPress expert, Steve Doig.

Steve has been using and troubleshooting WordPress for 12 years, and has resolved a huge range of front end and back end problems.

You can pop into our Subiaco office (47 Hay Street), give Steve a call on 08 9381 5900, or send Steve a message through our contact form.

Send our local WordPress engineer Steve a message