If you’re using Google Chrome, Google introduced a feature to Chrome this year that marks a website as “not secure” in the address bar if it is not loaded over a secure connection, and is instead loaded over an an insecure connection.

Our website loaded over a secure connection has the following in the address bar: https://digital.insightdesign.com.au/web-dev/

Our website loaded over a insecure connection has the following in the address bar: http://digital.insightdesign.com.au/web-dev/

The reason Chrome marks websites as insecure is to help Chrome users know if their credit card data is going to be safe on the website they’re visiting.

When a site is loaded over a secure https connection, Chrome encrypts your credit card data before sending it to the website over a secure connection.

How do I sure my website’s connection?

A secure connection can occur when you have an SSL certificate installed on your web server.

Many web hosts use the free Let’s Encrypt service to provide free SSL certificates. Ask your web host to see if they can install a free SSL certificate.

If they can’t, my suggestion is to use a low-coast SSL certificate provider like GoGetSSL.