You have a beautiful website, it looks great, and you’ve had it for a month.

Now what?

How often a website is visited

You might want to know how many website visitors your website receives?

There are two popular ways to see information about your website visitors.

1. The first is Google Analytics. (view the Getting Started guide)

Google Analytics allows you to see the following information about your website visitors:

  • What geographical region they come from.
  • How they found your website, either by:
    • Directly visiting your website URL
    • Clicking on a website link to visit your website URL
    • Clicking on a social media link to visit your website URL
    • Clicking on a paid ad to visit your website URL
  • What they did on your website, including:
    • What pages they visited
    • How long they stayed on your website
    • What the entry page was
    • What the exit page was
  • & more
  • See the Getting Started link above on how to install Google Analytics on your website.

2. The second is your web hosting control panel’s built in traffic analyser.

If you don’t know how to get to your web hosting control panel, you can try two different kinds of URLs to access it:

  • For cPanel, visit
  • For Plesk, visit or
  • (replace with your own domain name above)

If you don’t know your username and password for your web hosting control panel, you should ask the developer who built your website for these.

Once logged in;

  • For cPanel, scroll down the cPanel page and look for the Metrics heading. Under Metrics you may see:
    • Awstats
    • Analog Stats
    • Webalizer
  • Choose any of these, and then you can dig into the statistics about your website.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a question in the comments.