Website Tune-Up




Our Website Tune-Up is just like a service for your car. Each year we take our car into the mechanic and get the oil changed, the tires checked, the light bulbs tested etc. Just like a car, if you don’t maintain your website on a regular basis, it can get a bit loose and things might stop working as they did when you first got it.

Our Website Tune-Up includes:

  1. Complete security scan to keep your visitors safe (+ malware removal)
  2. Full website backup to save a copy of your valuable website data
  3. Speed optimisation to improve website load time for your visitors
  4. Website software upgrades for better security and latest WordPress features
  5. Broken link scan and fixing for better SEO
  6. Detailed website review and recommendations report
  7. Also included is 2 hours of dedicated support, design & development time to help fix any issues and implement key recommendations.

Price: $497 single payment (+ 10% GST)