Tired of looking at your website analytics and having low expectations of your web traffic?

You are not alone. Many website owners experience the same disappointment. I know what it’s like to work hard to create content and products, only to realise that no one is seeing it.

The problem isn’t your hard work, it is the strategies you are using to bring traffic to your website. With all the information out there, it is close to impossible to figure out what actually works to drive traffic to your website.

Yes, we all know website traffic is important, but aren’t most websites up to make money? The more time you spend tirelessly generating traffic the less you spend making money!

The methods in this book are easy to implement and will generate automatic traffic for you within 45 days.

This book is a quick read. I purposely did this so you can focus on what works, with this concise book you won’t have to worry about any fluff. You will get more from this book than a 300-page Internet marketing book based on theory. Before you know it, your traffic will increase by 500% and you can focus on what really matters to your business: INCOME!

Quick Fixes

Connect with Bloggers in Your Niche

Reaching out and befriending bloggers in your niche is a great way to increase traffic to your site. Bloggers have unbelievably loyal followings and with their help you can gain your own following fast. Even if you have your own blog this is a good idea. Many people believe that reaching out to others in your space would create competition, but that couldn’t be the furthest from the truth. Most likely if customers follow a blog they are interested in the information and probably can’t get enough of it.

Once you try this once, you will realise that maintaining great relationships with bloggers is a gold mine. They are extremely helpful and will always promote your products. Always follow up with bloggers and show them that you care about what is important to their audience. Many bloggers don’t get paid a lot so the relationship they have built with their audience is most important to them. Show them you are there to help as well and ALWAYS follow through on your word. You’ll be surprised how many people don’t follow through on their word with bloggers and they take noticed of who does.

Don’t be afraid. Make a list of 30 bloggers in your niche, and make them aware of what you do, and how it will help their audience. Be willing to give them free samples to verify your products. Before you know it you’ll a walking advertisement that already has a large platform.

Social Proof

If you have a strong social media presence allow everyone to know it. You can do this by including your social media stats on your website. Adding social plugins is the easiest way and will add social proof to your website. When visitors see that others approve of your site it gives them validation. There is very much a “herd” mentality online, the internet is a social place and people make decisions based on the actions of others. This will make visitors stay on your site longer and keep them coming back. If you aren’t social proofing your website you should be.

Create Better Headlines

Killer headlines can make a monumental difference in the amount of traffic that comes to your site. Believe it or not most people make spontaneous decisions online based on headlines and you have a split second to catch the audience’s attention.

Lists are a great way to make attractive headlines. Starting a list with “How-To” always converts well online. Results based headlines also get higher conversions. For example: “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days without exercising.”

Online readers are busy, they appreciate it when you give them an exact number and value. Always remember the fear of loss is better than the idea of gain. For example, “Why your girlfriend pulls away” and “10 Ugly mistakes you make to ruin relationships” are examples of headlines that invoke a fear of loss. “Best of” lists also have a positive effect on the reader. For example: “Top 5 exotic places to travel during the summer” and “11 ways to curb your appetite”. Use these simple headline tips and watch as your traffic increases.

Below are 15 power words that can be used to sway customer decisions online:

  • Free
  • Instantly
  • Suddenly
  • Now
  • Announcing
  • Members only
  • Be one of the few
  • Limited offer
  • Today only
  • Money Back
  • No Obligation
  • Immediately
  • Powerful
  • Secret
  • Discover


Submitting your post to Reddit can allow a post to go viral and bring in an incredible amount of traffic to your site. To do this you want to make sure you aren’t just freely posting to the site. Submit articles to a sub Reddit in your field.

Before you post to the website ensure your Redditt account has aged for at least a month. Your title should be catchy and include a link to your website. When you post an article to Reddit, you want to reply to every comment as this will increase the chances of the article going viral and give you a backlink. When it comes to going viral online there aren’t many sites that can bring eyeballs to your site like Reddit.


Twitter is a great way to keep your customers up to date on your brand. It is a fast-paced platform, and to be successful at it takes volume. You can use several tools on twitter to give your customers relevant information including industry news, trends, and compelling stories. Sites such as Feedly allow you to quickly send information to your customers on twitter. Feedly is a wonderful site that attaches to your twitter and allows you to tweet relevant news stories from around the world to your followers. You can customise Feedly, to only show you articles that will interest you. Sites like flipboard.com and inforeader.com provide the same service as Feedly.

You can also use hootsuite.com which allows you to send twitter messages at certain times and manage various social media pages all at once. Another way to increase your twitter following and bring traffic to your site is using @ to the involved parties when quoting or mentioning major influencers. Twitter is a platform where celebrities and influencers take notice of who mentions them.

Website Speed

People are used to getting their information fast and in a hurry and if your site doesn’t offer that, customers will move on to the next website.  A study done by Radware states that 51% of shoppers online said that they will not buy from a site if they deemed it too slow. In another recent study, marketing researchers found that 47% users expect a website to load in under two seconds and 40% of people said they would leave a website if they have to wait for three minutes or more seconds.

Needless to say, this is extremely important to any website, not to mention Google considers site speed when ranking websites. You can check your website speed on sites like yslow.org, developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights, and pingdom.com.  A good website host, a solid website theme, a caching plugin, and optimised images are a good start to improving your website site.

For a more detailed account of how to improve your website speed see the post Quick Guide to Website Speed Optimisation (WSO).

Always Include Your Website Signature

Adding your website signature to everything you do online can drive more traffic than you can imagine. This allows you to drive people to your site without coming across as pushy and will leave links all across the internet stamped by you and your brand. Always include your website on all emails you send, any comments you make in forums, blogs and anywhere else you leave your mark online. This works, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

XML Sitemaps

Add Google XML sitemaps to your plugins. Without getting it too techy adding this plugin will help Google find and index your site easier, giving Google additional information on your website that will improve your search engine results and allow more people to view your website.

SEO Plugins

Installing plugins such as All in One SEO Pack or Yoast SEO will help your site with Search Engine Optimisation. These plugins are free and allow you to fortify your site with SEO relevant information without the need of additional coding. These plugins create xml site maps, allow you to add Meta titles, descriptions, and other smaller SEO task. It will even allow you to control advanced SEO robots.txt files. One of the more popular uses for the plugins is their ability to customise posting titles and Meta keywords. To improve your SEO even more so you can use sites such as Screaming Frog, that that will show you errors and broken links on your website.


Your visitors should easily be able to like, share and retweet all of your pages. Allowing your pages to easily be shared will automatically garner more eyeballs on your web pages. Recent studies show that 74% of all adults online have a social media page which should explain the importance of social media. If one of your pages goes viral you will see an unbelievable spike in traffic that could be life changing for a website. Add a share me plugin is a simple way that can make the world of difference.

Respond to Comments

Believe it or not responding to all of your comments can bring traffic to your website. Doing this will show visitors that you care about your audience and will harbour a sense of community, encouraging readers to come back. You want to encourage comments on your blog by ending your blog with open-ended questions and encouraging open dialogue with customers.

Yahoo Answers

People flood questions yahoo answers with questions every day. Why not take advantage of the incredible amount of traffic that goes there? Most people don’t see this wonderful opportunity, but by simply going into your niche and helping visitors out will go a long way.

Always include your website link and inform them where they can find more information on a particular topic. The great thing about yahoo answers is that the information stays up as long-term, so just one answer can give you traffic for years to come.

Talk to Your Readers

Asking your audience what information they want to see on your website is an excellent way to increase traffic. Most likely other visitors are thinking the same thing they just haven’t said it yet. The best time to ask for feedback is at the end of your blogs, on social media sites, and through your email list.

Ensure that you are very specific when asking your question to customers. This will help you narrow down your audience and help you improve the content. Surveys are a good way to do this. There are sites like surveymonkey.com that make it easy to create your own surveys for free. This will also allow your audience to know that you listen to them. You will be surprised how one small tweak will increase your brand awareness and income. Always listen to your customers! They are the lifeline of your business.

Resource Page

Adding a page of resources on your site is a good way to bring in traffic. For many bloggers their resource page receives the more views than any other page. Resource pages are usually bookmarked by visitors to come back for more information. If you have a site that sales products your resource page can include all your product links with information explaining their need and purpose. This simple page should be clear, concise and to the point. If you have a blog, you can include resources or affiliate links where customers to go to. Trust me on the internet resource list are king. They are clean, easy and informative. This easy list takes out much of the fluff. If you don’t have one, make one today and watch how visitors flock to it.


Pinterest is a great place to drive traffic from, being that it is the third largest social media website in the world. On Pinterest the more links you have that lead back to your website the better chance you have of driving traffic. By creating pins related to your brand and repining items on your page your account will naturally grow. Adding all of your blogs and products to Pinterest is mandatory for success on the website. Creating boards related to your niche is also very important for example: If your blog is about American bulldogs, having a board featuring healthy dog foods or the best training methods would fit perfect.

Infographics are the most pinned items on the site. Pinterest is very visual so remember the most beautiful pictures on the site wins. When you pin an item on the site it has a much longer lifespan than other social media messages.

For any items you are selling on your site always include pricing in your Pinterest description. Checklist are also amazing for Pinterest as visitors can print them and use them. Ensure for any checklist you, make you have your website and logo. Pinterest pictures that include clever text tend to be pinned often.  The site video feature is much underrated but are growing in popularity dramatically. Joining Pinterest groups on related topics will extend your customer base and allow you to build a connection with potential customers.

The site is dominated by women 25-54. This group actually spends more money on Pinterest than any other social media site. If this is your target audience building a Pinterest page would be a good idea.

Must Do’s

Email Marketing

When it comes to driving website traffic there isn’t a tool more important than having an email list. An email list allows you to always keep in contact with your customers directly. Some would even consider a mailing list more important than your website. This is actually a strong argument, as your website can go down for many reasons, whether it is due to a disruption with your server or your website being hacked. In the event of this your email list will allow you to hold on to your customer base and still directly speak directly to them.

With every mailing list every email you send you can give you instant traffic. Receive traffic instantly. Why do you think many websites ask for your email? They know the power of email marketing and the difference it can make between success and failure online. If you don’t have an email list for your business get one immediately. If you have one setup but your customers don’t give you their email, it means the offer you make them isn’t good enough. The offer to your email list should be so inciting that the customer can’t resist. The customer should feel a strong fear of loss if they don’t join.

Giving away helpful information presented in a list format tends to have higher signup rates for customers. After gathering collecting emails from your customers list you must keep them engaged. The 20% rule should be considered for your list. This means only 20% of emails you send to customers should be a sales message. The rest of your emails should encourage interaction and give helpful information. Asking your email list questions tends to keep them more engaged to your brand also. It is always a good idea to link helpful blog posts to your emails which will bring traffic to your website in a non-salesy way.

No matter what you do if you don’t have an email list start right now and use these tips to grow your list.


Giveaways can bring an insane amount traffic to your website. To make giveaways more attractive always make them time sensitive i.e. 3 days long. Promote them on your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram). You can also work with a bloggers or influencers by simply asking them to inform their audience of your giveaway. Your prize should include a product or service you offer. Always encourage social media shares and likes for your giveaways, you can do this by giving away bonus entries for shares.

Another good strategy to use for your giveaways is to have your customers compete to win. This could include commenting on one of your posts and mentioning what they like most about your website. Make it fun; your customers will love you for it.

Build a Facebook Following

If you do not have a Facebook page for your brand then you are truly missing out on endless traffic. There are plenty of companies that make a living solely from the traffic they get from Facebook. I myself had a website where Facebook was my number #1 traffic source. Not only was the traffic highly targeted, the visitors were buyers. The key to Facebook is volume! Create a schedule and post on Facebook consistently. You can even schedule your posts well in advanced.

Facebook fans were loyal to my website because I was in contact with them in a conversational form. Diversify your posts well. Not all post should be selling to your audience. Ask questions, tell them about yourself, make a connection. Keep in mind that people tend to respond better to pictures and videos online.

When using pictures, I make it simple, I grab relevant pictures from Pinterest, Google, or Google images and post it to Facebook with a message. Yes, you are able to this! You want to make sure to leave any logos on the picture, so the author gets the credit.

Appeal to your customers’ lifestyle. If you have a site about dieting, show them workout pictures, inspirational videos, or before and after pictures. If you have a site that sells energy drinks, have pictures that reflect a fast-paced lifestyle, such as drag racing or mountain climbing.

Matching giveaways with Facebook works wonders and will drive traffic and generate likes. Once you get the hang of it. Check out running Facebook ads with your giveaways this will give you a very low cost per click average, and will allow you to capture emails, gather likes, and garner sales all at the same time. When it comes to driving traffic to a website, Facebook is amazing.


Forums are places where hardcore people in your industry are located and can be extremely profitable. If you make friends and help the audience there you will find new loyal fans.  When you are a part of forums, you want to help the community of people there. You don’t want to spam the forums with sales and “buy me” advertisements. By helping customers with your information and occasionally informing them of your website, you will notice traffic coming in. Forums are a great place to find out more about your current customers, and what potential customers are saying. Always include your site on your name signature so customers can come to your site without the hard sell.

Press Releases

Press releases are great for the perception of your brand and will make your website more visible. An easy and free way to drive traffic, press releases are brief and specific write ups to inform readers of news, new products, and changes to your business changes, or to promote events you want to promote.

Press releases can get be reposted to bigger websites if the site deems your release useful. This is where the real traffic magic happens. Press releases give you a high-quality backlink as well. Sites such are prweb.com, prlog.org, and businesswire.com are a great place to submit your press releases.

Long-Tail Keywords

Adding Long tail keywords to your website is a great way to drive more traffic. There are several ways to find and research keywords, such as sites like Google Keywords, Moz, and longtailpro.com. You can generate a great amount of traffic from long tail key words when done properly. Keywords allow people to find your site based on specific search engine searches. You can target specific questions and phrases when adding keywords. For example, a long tail keyword would be “How to help a chow dog lose weight” or “Fish tank apartment laws in Montana” You can write blogs or include tags around questions such as this, you can match up directly with customers. If you have enough blogs around long tail keywords on your site, it is undeniable visitors will find you. I have seen websites corner the market with traffic by using this exact tactic.

Optimise Pages on Your Website

This tactic involves going back to older post you’ve made on your site ensuring that they are optimised to its full potential. This will increase the visibility of your post to the web. You can do that by including internal links, Meta descriptions, and tags. Ensure the photos in your blogs include the keyword descriptions.

Your post should allow viewers to subscribe to your email easily. Double check that headings H1, H2, and H3 headings are being used. All your posts should have the ability to easily be shared. To make this process easier you can send your website through a SEO report thanks to sites such as woorank.com and seositecheckup.com. This will show you how you can improve and optimise your pages.

Website Analytics

Exploring and analysing website data is critical to driving traffic online. Google Analytics are one of the most important websites. It will show you how many people found your website, how long they stayed, and every move they made while viewing. Google Analytics even breaks down the device that the visitor used. Many people add Google Analytics to their website but don’t optimise its potential.  You should review your analytics, weekly or bi-weekly. To determine what is working and what is not. Looking at the overview of your analytics is a good start to see how your website is doing.

Looking at bounce rates and exit rates are crucial to your website. Bounce rates will tell you the percentage of your visitors who only viewed one page on your visiting your site before leaving and exciting only visiting one webpage. You should also know the top landing pages that visitors come to, this will tell you how popular your pages are, allowing you to highlight the most popular pages and improve the least popular. You should also know your exit pages, which will show you the pages visitors are leaving from. If you aren’t monitoring your website or don’t have your website isn’t signed in to Google Webmaster Tools change this right away!

Watch the Competition

Always look at your competition. This is a good way to see what is working in your market and what is not. You will get a good understanding of the other companies and evaluate if you are missing something that customers expect in the marketplace.

Programs such as SpyFu provide wonderful information on the AdWords your competition is buying. You can also use Google Trends and Google Alerts to stay informed on what the industry and competition is doing and get an idea of what customers are saying about you and competitors. This can help you improve your customer experience dramatically

You can do research on the stats of your competitors’ websites through ReferenceUSA, Hoovers, Alexa, Keyword Spy and Compete. This will give your site rankings and popular keywords of the competition. See what they are missing and capitalise on it!

Host Guest Blog

Just like guest posting to others’ blogs can help you bring traffic to your website, hosting another blogger on your site to write an article will improve your website views and for many of the same reasons. Typically, bloggers will inform their readers to view their post on your website which will add to your readership. Guest blogs on your website will give your readers another option and keep them engaged to your information. You will improve the relationship with the blogger and this will take the burden away from you having to consistently write blogs. You can’t go wrong when you host a blogger on your page.


You should always have a testimonial page that displays what customers have said about your webpage. If you don’t have testimonials on your site, start the process today. Placing them on your site will give your site social proof and it reinforces to visitors why your site is where they should spend their time. If you don’t have testimonials, simply ask your customers.  You can ask them via your email list, social media platforms, or include a button that states, “Tell us what you think” on your website.

Not only does testimonials give your website credibility, it improves conversion rates.  If you really want to give your testimonials credibility, include the faces of your customers next to what they wrote (ask the customer first). When I started my first business I didn’t have much money or marketing budget but knew the importance of testimonials. I reached out to many celebrities that I thought the product would benefit, asking them if it was okay to send them free samples. One in particular thought my business idea was interesting and supplied me with an address to send samples. I sent her free samples and two weeks later, she praised our company all over her social media pages. She even wrote an article mentioning about her favorite best brands in a popular magazine and mentioned my company. She even allowed me to use her picture on our website along with her testimonial and she did all this for FREE! Why? People love to help brands that have helped them. The concept was something she strongly believed in and the product was top-tier quality. After her praise I received a spike in website traffic that never went down. You can do exactly this with your company.

Website Directories

There has been a myth online that submitting your web address to website directories no longer work. But that is not true! The key is to only add your website to relevant directories. Many bloggers have resource pages that work as directories for their customers. If you contact them you can add your website to their directories for free in many cases. This alone will give you incredible traffic and add relevant backlinks. Check out directories in your niche, they are out there!


Using Tumblr to reblog information from your website will allow you to reach customers you would have never reached before. Before using Tumblr, you should check to see if your niche is represented well on the site. Although not mentioned as a social media platform that many company’s use, the website receives over 150 million unique visitors’ monthly.

Tumblr is divided equally between men and women. Visitors between the ages of 18-34 account for 41% of customer traffic on the site followed by viewers aged 35-54 which make up 29% of the websites traffic. If you want to improve your viewership Tumblr might be a way you never thought of before.

Great Website Design

Website design is critical to a website’s success and can be the difference between having a customer for life or no visitors at all. A winning website should look professional and be clear about its objective from its first impression. It should be well lit, easy to navigate and should dictate where customers go on your site by the path it leads. Sites like your error page should be customised and always include a link back to other areas of the website. Your mailing list opt-in should be at eye level. Your homepage should not overwhelm your customers with too many options on the homepage. If you don’t have a well-designed website you are missing out on traffic.

Responsive Website

Ensuring that your site is responsive is important to the success of your online presence. Your site should be visible and look clear on mobile, tablet and desktop. Buttons on the site should be large and clear, allowing customers to easily tap the screen of their smart phone to navigate the site. I personally know importance of having a responsive website. I owned a website where 70% of the traffic came from mobile.

The more people that continue to use phones around the world the more important responsive websites will become. As of now over 60% of users on the internet do so from their mobile device. Check the responsiveness of your site now. If it isn’t very mobile friendly you might need to use another theme or work with your web designer to fix this.

Guest Blogging

If you’ve had an online business for a while I’m sure you’ve heard that guest posting is good for your business and you heard right. If you’ve guest blogged before, you’ll be surprised how much traffic this can bring to your site. Guest blogging works on blogs of all sizes. I know this because I wrote a guest post over two years ago for a smaller regional magazine that still gives me traffic today! When writing your guest post ALWAYS ensure that your content is good. You can easily find blogs and magazines to guest blog for by visiting sites like jobs.problogger.net and bloggingpro.com/jobs which frequently post guest blogging opportunities.

You can also use the google codes below to find places to guest blog:

You can find guest posting opportunities via Google by entering the codes: “guest post” + your topic, “write for us” + your topic “become a contributor” + your topic, “submission guidelines” + your topic.

When writing to publishers to become a guest blogger, it is good to gather a bit of information first. Inform them of other sites that you have guest blogged for or how you can bring value to their website.

An example:

My name is Steve and I own Baby Loves Toys (a company specialisng in natural baby toys). Our company has created quite a following for ourselves in our industry. I have extensively studied baby toys as well as infant safety, health, and parenting.  I would love to give honest tips and suggestions to your readers.

Would this be something you would be interested in? 

Long Term Implementations

Interview an Influencer

Interviewing influencers in your niche is a great way to bring traffic to your website. Not only will it provide great content and value, powerful influencers typically have audiences that follow and listen to everything they do. In many cases you won’t even need to ask them for promotion, they will naturally promote your website. Having a big name on your site will increase your website search engines’ optimisation as well. When visitors type in the name of the influencer your website will show up. You can add this as a bonus to your website. Not to mention viewers will stay on your site longer the will be browsing on your site longer because of the interview. You can’t go wrong when talking to a relevant star in your niche.


Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? Making a video on the YouTube is the perfect way to drive traffic to your website. Don’t be afraid to embed your YouTube video on your website also. Ensure the video is of high quality. Videos keep visitors’ eyes on your site longer. Studies have shown that video retention rates are 65%, while text only retention rates are only 10%. You can embed your videos to social sites such as Facebook, for maximum share ability.

There are plenty of videos you can make on YouTube. You can make an introduction video about your brand, a fun animation video or, a tutorial video, the opportunities are endless.

Videos are great because they will stay up until you take it down and have a compounding effect on YouTube. The more you post, the more visible they become. The key to video marketing success is proper content and search engine optimisation. This strategy will work with other video sites such as vimeo.com too. When posting your videos always add a link back to your site to drive the maximum amount of traffic.

List Swaps

Did you know you can work with another brand in your industry and implement an email list swap? In this scenario you sell items to your partner’s list and they sell items to yours. This will increase your viewership and help your customers discover new products that they like. If you do a list swap, it is very important to only allow companies and products you trust to sell to your list. Scam or unfamiliar products could cause customers to distrust your brand. So, reach out to those trusted brands you know and do an email list exchange.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is the largest professional social networking site. Not only great for personal use, LinkedIn has powerful groups that link users with common interests together.  With these groups, you can target your core audience.

There is a group directory you can check out to find a group of potential customers. You can also go to “groups you may like” which will show groups that are similar to your profile likes. By posting helpful and relevant information in your groups you will catch the eye of users. You don’t need to be a part of an overwhelming amount of groups for this strategy to work, just join the right groups and become active in them. If there isn’t a group in your field feel free to create one. Be sure to link your website when you send group announcements. Inform users and their friends to check out your page.

Pay Per Click Advertisement

Advertisements can drive heavy traffic to your website. Although not free this can be the fastest way to increase viewership and profits. If you are going to use ads, it is the best practice to send visitors to a landing page that is prepared to sell items or capture emails. The advertisement must have a good, compelling, and irresistible offer. You can run ads anywhere now online. The best places to run ads are Facebook, AdWords, AdWords Gmail, and Bing. Pay per click will give you the fastest traffic to your website but is the most expensive. To be effective your advertisements should be highly targeted to a specific audience. To learn more about pay per click advertisement courses such as trafficblackbook.com will give you an excellent start.

Blog Consistently

Posting consistently to your blog could be the difference between 1000 visitors a day and 1000 visitors a month. Plan to blog once or twice a week. For example, releasing a blog every Wednesday will get your visitors on a routine and they will look forward to your blog post. Don’t be afraid to try new and different approaches to your blog. Have fun with it, try different lengths and different writing styles to find out what works for your visitors. You can use longer post for customers that want to read in-depth information or shorter posts for customers who want their information fast. After viewing your analytics, you can use the information you gather to determine what works best for your site you need.

Use Offline Promotion

Offline promotion is a great tool that not many people that have online businesses don’t even think about but can be a useful way to drive traffic to your website. If you have the budget, a highly targeted, direct marketing (snail mail marketing) campaign is still very effective.

Don’t forget about Business cards as they keep you in the mind of customers, keep them on you at all times and pass them out whenever you see a potential customer. If your business appeals to is local, customers or you have a lot of customers’ in your area local advertisements still work. Although the internet has done wonders for businesses, there is nothing that builds customer relationships better than getting out and interacting with customers.


Infographics are a wonderful tool to include on your website. Customers are more likely to remember a visual representation, than just words alone. When using infographics, it is imperative to include a share button, as the colour and beauty of infographics encourages shares. Infographics haves a viral component that is unmatched and has the ability to increase traffic over a long period of time. Infographics are the wave of the future online, and you can use them as an edge over the competition.


Webinars are a great way to keep your audience engaged and generate income. There are bloggers and podcasters that have made a living just by selling products and services through webinars.

Webinars work best when you make an offer at the end of them. The registration page you offer should be attractive to your viewers by being completely clear of the offer and clean in design.

Webinars allow you to build a closer connection with your audience and will increase your chances of customer loyalty. When setting up a webinar remind your viewers of the dates and times as most people are busy and will naturally forget. Make sure you start on time and keep it compelling by adding in exciting stores and eye-popping slides.


Have you ever been to a website and all of a sudden the site seems follows you to every other website you go to? This is called retargeting and it works terrific in bringing repeat traffic back to your website. Retargeting will cost you per click, but is cheaper than most other cost per click options

This method and has shown to Increase website conversions and allows you to capture sales from customers who didn’t make a purchase their first visit. Capturing first time buyers online is hard, did you know people usually view websites eight times before making a purchase? You can run Retargeting campaigns by using sites such as retargeting.com and Facebook.

Write an eBook

Selling eBooks on platforms such as kindle is a great way to drive traffic to your website. It can allow people to learn more about you, your expertise and your brand. Always ensure you provide a link to your website in your book. This will encourage readers to continue learning about your brand. Many companies even place opt-in mailing list links inside their eBook to allowing them to consistently stay in contact with readers. Selling your book on your own website will increase brand sales and traffic as well.

Writing a book will give you authority with your readers. The perception of someone that writes a book on a subject is that they are an expert. If you want to increase traffic to your website writing an eBook is always a good idea.

Attend Conferences

Going to conferences in your field allows you to network with leaders in your niche. They give you a chance to share information and make connections with like minds. Many of the popular conferences will have the link to your site on the conference website and brochure which will naturally bring in an influx of traffic.

If you really want to bring attention to your website speak at a conferences. This tactic automatically turns you into an authority figure and will bring you more traffic than you can imagine. Always mention there is more to the speech and have a landing page set up that will inform visitors of more information pertaining to your presentation.


Trade shows are a great way to expand your brand awareness and bring traffic to your website. Similar to conferences, you will receive a powerful link from the Trade show website. At Trade shows you are able to meet several other buyers and sellers that you can connect on a long-term basis.

Connecting with buyers and sellers at trade shows will help you expand your business and increase website traffic. To gain the attention you want to make sure you have an interesting presentation that is short and informative. Videos always work well during Trade show demonstrations. A good way to bring people to your booth is to include a charging station at your booth. Many online sellers miss out on the powerful opportunity that trade shows can provide.


With the information in this book, you are truly ready to improve your website traffic. Like many before you, increasing your website traffic and income is in your grasp. Improving your site’s traffic is a mix between hard work and knowing the right strategies to implement.

The best way to improve your traffic is to start today! Another aspect of driving traffic is that every site is different. The best method for driving traffic to your site is to find out what is working through your analytics and continue to do it more! That is the real secret to making driving traffic to any website.


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